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Transcript: part one Down in the bunker, Reggie gets to work on young Charlie. He must importune the boy to aid them in their escape. Wasting your time, Sonny. Jim, the game is rigged. Come on, Reg, teach him one of your tricks. What tricks? One that will put you in the winning seat for a change. Oh, yeah? He’s scrambling. The CCTV Not as dumb as he looks. Right. We’ve got five minutes. What’s this trip then? Write it down. Here is a page. Wot about a pencil. No, but I got a biro. Oh, wait a minute. I ain’t giving you my pen, I ain’t stupid. You’re only keep it. Come closer than let me whisper in your ear. Have you bite my ear off? No way. You watch too many horror films, young man. No, no, no, no. I merely seek to protect the valuable information that I am about to impart. Walls have ears you know. How much did you say? How much? Well, I’ll be buggered and all I got to do is type in one little code ? One encrypted code. Yes, but I warn you, she is volatile Volatile? Meaning she is subject to constant ebb and flow. Mercurial, unpredictable And yet she’s the fulcrum The foundation The very source of abundance. She’s a road to glory, Charlie to glory and gold! So Why would you give her to me? You’re lying. You are. (Reggie whispers in young Charlie’s earhole – Charlie is shocked at the mere suggestion) No way – it’s too much of a risk. I’ll be court martialed. SHOT AT DAWN! HUNG, DRAWN, AND QUARTERED! Well? You don’t expect me to supply you the goodies and nothing in return. Children these days they know sod all of simple economics. Sam is racing to get to people services, she bangs into Charlie’s desk and upsets a glass. Whoa! Slow down. Sorry, Charlie. Got to get to PS. Closes in five minutes. People services, human resources yadda, yadda – I ain’t transferring up there to Fork Eve like her! Charlie changes his mind, Reggie’s offer is suddenly very attractive. Alright, Master Merlin! I shall give it a go. But you better not be lying. Good! The pass code is preset for 10 seconds, during which time you must make your play. After that period has elapsed, you must enter the new code. Oh, yeah? What if I run out of time?? Ah, I thought you’d ask that question. Very intelligent of you. You see this little device here? What’s that? A rusty old compass? Looks like something from the Spanish Armada. How did you sneak that in past security??? Rather not get into that old sport ! Suffice to say it felt damned uncomfortable if you get my drift. Yeah. I think so. So the code she lives in this little case and nothing will induce her to part with her secrets. Not without my say so. Here, allow me to demonstrate: Angel Angel of the South Relax and let it all hang out. I made that part up myself. Not bad. “Thank you for calling DREAMITHAVEIT You’re through to Angel, How can I help today?” Oh oh, she’s voice activated! Yes, but she responds to my voice and my voice alone. Not much Good to me then, is she? Au Contraire, mon ami, just you go and play your little game. I’ll activate the code. It only takes a second. Charlie activates the code and the slots ring out! And there you’ve got it all back and plenty more besides! Oh my word! I’m minted!!!!! part two Is there anything else I can help you with? No. Now, that will be all today. Thank you. Are you sure? Nothing. Nothing at all. Thank you. Please completed the customer satisfaction survey at the end of this call. Goodbye. Here, I got my eye on this Subaru. EV superstar, lime green it is. Let me show you a picture. Goes from nought to a hundred in seconds. I was planning on bringing my bird to Bognor, staying in a nice hotel, over there on the seafront. I see Five stars, all in? Yeah, with spa treatment. Keep her sweet if you know what I mean. Oh sure. Oh, and a stack of credit cards, I gotta pay off too. No more. Not until you keep YOUR side of the bargain. Yeah, right. How do I know it won’t go up in smoke? We had an agreement. It’s a matter of trust, old boy. On the other hand, if you try to get clever or send someone in pursuit, I’ll reverse the code and put my little angel off to sleep. Your account would be wiped clean, POOF. So what’s it to be, Charlie Boy? RIGHT, here’s what we do. Well, what’s the plan? Says he wants it to look real. Just tie him up. Yes, Yes and yeah, Yeah. Bash. Bash him over the head with Not too hard. Not too hard with the old flask, over there. This one here. He wants us to bash him over the head with the flask. This one sitting on his desk, is it? Yeah, not too much to ask is it? Not at all. I’d be delighted. Yeah, but not too hard. Let me finish the coffee. Oh, take my uniform or else you’ll never make it out of the yard. Oh, and you better tie me up good and proper. Make it look real. Ladies. Look away! But how are we to tie you? Mm. Here, try this. 44 g. It ought to be enough rope. Mhm. Ingenious. Millie, That’s your bra! Needs must Lizzie! And they dropped like two hanged men. Extra lift. Cost me a fortune All in a good cause. His uniform is too small for you, Reg. What a squirt. Yes A bit of a dilemma. A bit of a draught really around the old GOOGLE, google, you know, and trousers only come up to the calves. Hurry up, I’m freezing. Give me something to wear! Take my skirt I’ll wear the pants. Okay. The pass. Charlie’s Security Pass! Quick, Quick, quick! Good. Hallelujah! Just plain old Q code. I’ve forgotten how cheap this unit really is. No OCCKIT? Thank the Lord. OCCKIT? It scans the eyeball and checks the brainwaves for lies and cover ups. Reggie knows all about it. He invented it back in the day before he became a hacker. Hurry along. There’s no time to waste. You’re like a herd of buffalo. Calm down. Walk slowly. Walk slowly. Make your mind up a minute ago you said to hurry? Yes, yes. But not like that, to draw attention. And that’s the last thing we want. Single file, please. Single file. Head up, Shoulders back. Be dignified like soldiers of the highest rank. Where to now? To the van, of course, But where is it? My eyes fail me. Put your specs on, dummy. It’s over there. Next to that boat deck. Get in quick! Ouch! Goddamn roof. I have a bump the size of a golfball in one minute! Blimey, don’t they ever clean these vans? Stinks of onions. Sssh! Keep it down! Someone’s coming. Excuse me. Where do you think you’re going with THAT VAN?

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