Anthony Sena

Voiceover Pro – Anthony Sena

Anthony Sena brings a NYC dimension to Colonel Reggie in season 2!

Anthony is an adept at snappy commercials and we love that his strong sense of timing.

Being a voice over professional is honestly a dream come true. A bit of an introvert as a kid, I was always inside my own head and constantly talked to myself. Impressions fascinated me. The fact that someone could almost crawl into someone else’s skin, and not only sound like them but adopt their mannerisms, seemed like a magic trick.

These days, I get to perform a little bit of that magic by doing what I love. Sure, I can voice all the corporate material and commercial work, but what’s most fun are the characters. Being a native New Yorker I get to transform into a mobster or other abrasive sorts. I have also lent my voice to escape rooms, video games, children’s books, and small businesses.

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