BBC Broadcaster and Actor - Sarah Lockett

BBC Broadcaster and Actor – Sarah Lockett

Sarah has worked with Dame Judi Dench, Jennifer Saunders, Colin Firth and others. We are chuffed that she plays Lizzie and Millie in Seasons 1 and 2.

She made her movie debut in 2003 in “The Day Britain Stopped” (BBC, playing the newsreader). More recently, in 2021, she acted in “Timebus” (Deuce Films, ‘Hank’s Mum’) and “Searching for Harriet” (GoldenWay Media Films, role of ‘Elizabeth’).

Other productions she has appeared in are “I May Destroy You” (BBC, 2020), “Avenue 5” (HBO, 2020) and “Tom and Jerry” (Warner Animation Group, 2021).She also does voiceover work – comedy, drama and documentary – including a great 1950s style role for the pop group ‘Little Mix’ (Sony Music).

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