Co-Host of Paranormal Peep Show  - Andy Chaplin

Co-Host of Paranormal Peep Show – Andy Chaplin

Andy Chaplin is co-host of the Paranormal Peep show and a gifted impersonator! We love his interpretation of the our snooty tour guide, Stanley Mogg, (can you guess the inspiration for that voice?). Andy also plays Prime Minister Spode, Arthur the boatman, and The Controller in Season 2.

Quote: Andy Chaplin was the loudest baby on the ward and since then, nothing much has changed. As he grew up through school, he found he could mimic the voices of a few quirky teachers and after making friends laugh, was hooked on the entertainment bug.

The notion of latching-on to an interesting character and then making them say anything you like, including rather a lot of surreal silliness, was most entertaining for everybody !

Since then, he’s worked on various voiceover projects and even co-hosts a podcast called The Paranormal Peepshow – which now has a global following. He’s into all things spooky and psychic and also uses his voice projection for various touring Tuned In Events clairvoyant gigs, which he organises on a regular basis in the South East. When he eventually pops off to the other side, no doubt he’ll be the loudest voice trying to get back through again to this side of life!




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