Comedy Voice Actors on the Lizzie Show

Lizzie Snoopes is an unstoppable force of nature, boldly going where no woman, man or mouse has gone before. Her waistline continues to grow as her adventure unfolds and we get caught up in all the interplay between our comedy characters!

Here are some of our cherished comedy voice actors on the Lizzie show:

comedy voice actors
Sarah Lockett

Sarah Lockett is an actor and broadcaster who has worked most recently with Dame Judi Dench, Jennifer Saunders, Colin Firth and others.

She made her movie debut in 2003 in “The Day Britain Stopped” (BBC, playing the newsreader). More recently, in 2021, she acted in “Timebus” (Deuce Films, ‘Hank’s Mum’) and “Searching for Harriet” (GoldenWay Media Films, role of ‘Elizabeth’). Other productions she has appeared in are “I May Destroy You” (BBC, 2020), “Avenue 5” (HBO, 2020) and “Tom and Jerry” (Warner Animation Group, 2021).

She also does voiceover work – comedy, drama and documentary – including a great 1950s style role for the pop group ‘Little Mix’ (Sony Music).

I’ve spent many years working as a broadcast journalist, as a presenter and reporter for BBC News, Sky News, Channel 4 News, ITN, Reuters and others

Sarah offers Media Training, Presentation Skills Training, Voiceover, Hosting (virtual events, conferences, webinars, panel discussions etc), sponsored content (corporate interviews), role-play/acting.

Sarah is the voice of Lizzie and Millie and the narrator of the early Lizzie series

comedy voice actors
Joanne Ruocco

Joanne Ruocco is a drummer and musician, now she is adding her lovely NJ humour to the mix – we love our sparky, sarky DOLLY PAYNE!
Joanne – Jojo – is from Springfield, New Jersey. In the late 1980s, she landed in London as a much-sought-after session drummer. Within months she was working with Paul Weller of Style Council, Bobby Womack, Mick Hucknall, Kylie Minogue and many other great musicians of the time.

Today, while holding down a career in IT, Joanne has just completed recording drums and percussion at Mike Oldfield’s studios, as well as contributing arrangements to a new album by Shak Cohen of Blue Svengalis, out now on Spotify!

Everyone can relate to Lizzie and Millie, and the craziness of lockdown! If you lose the will to laugh at life, you’ve lost everything. Coming together with Alice and the Lizzie Snoopes family has broadened my horizon – I’m thinking of other niches to explore, such as acting. And I’m really enjoying working  the zany crew of comedy voice actors!

Joanne is the voice of Dolly in all episodes.
comedy voice actors
Joseph Purcell

Joe Purcell was born at a very early age. He came out quoting Shakespeare’s Lear. His five Howl’s. Joe’s mother wanted to keep me but was advised against such a ridiculous notion by the then high king of Ireland as Joe was bound, he said “For a far Greater destiny”.

What that destiny will be I am still waiting. Meanwhile I make my way as the King’s master of the stools. I hope in the not too distant future to progress within the court to arse wiper in General.This would greatly my closeness to King Henwick the constipated I mean Consecrated. Must go now I hear some movement in my masters chamber’s. Is this what you mean. Or have I missed the point?

Joe is the voice of Reggie in episodes 1-5


comedy voice actors
Andy Chaplin

Andy Chaplin – was the loudest baby on the ward and since then, nothing much has changed. As he grew up through school, he found he could mimic the voices of a few quirky teachers and after making friends laugh, was hooked on the entertainment bug. The notion of latching-on to an interesting character and then making them say anything you like, including rather a lot of surreal silliness, was most entertaining for everybody !

Since then, he’s worked on various voiceover projects and even co-hosts a podcast called The Paranormal Peepshow – which now has a global following. He’s into all things spooky and psychic and also uses his voice projection for various touring Tuned In Events clairvoyant gigs, which he organises on a regular basis in the South East. When he eventually pops off to the other side, no doubt he’ll be the loudest voice trying to get back through again to this side of life 🙂

Andy is the voice of The Controller and PM Spode in episodes 1 and 2

comedy voice actors
Anthony Sena

Anthony Sena

Being a voice over professional is honestly a dream come true. A bit of an introvert as a kid, I was always inside my own head and constantly talked to myself. Impressions fascinated me. The fact that someone could almost crawl into someone else’s skin, and not only sound like them but adopt their mannerisms, seemed like a magic trick.

These days, I get to perform a little bit of that magic by doing what I love. Sure, I can voice all the corporate material and commercial work, but what’s most fun are the characters. Being a native New Yorker I get to transform into a mobster or other abrasive sorts. I have also lent my voice to escape rooms, video games, children’s books, and small businesses.

Anthony is the voice of tourist ‘Herb’ in episode four. 

comedy voice actors
Katherine Black

Katherine Black is with Scyher’s Audio Drama series “Power Rangers” voicing Kimberly the Pink Ranger and Scorpina which is on Season 3 right now on youtube, itunes, and Podcasts, and Anime/Manga Digital Series “End Titus” voicing Jasmine that is available to watch on Youtube.

Besides voiceover she has done theater and filmwork. For Theater she has performed with the Lewiston Civic Theatre in Blithe Spirit as Mrs. Bradman and Murder on the Orient Express as Mary Debenham. She has also doing 11 virtual theater productions while during COVID – 19 with Alpha NYC Theater Company, Old Library Theater, West Hudson Arts and Theater Company, and Rainy Day Artistic Alliance.

Katherine is the voice of a tourist in  episode four.

comedy voice actors on the lizzie show
Susie Hackel

Susie Hackel is a retired reading specialist where she worked for 25 years. Her passion is acting and voice acting. She has been involved in local and regional theaters, performing and plays musicals and children’s theater for over 10 years.

Upon retirement she has started a voiceover career where she hopes to do children’s audiobooks, e-learning. Her ultimate dream is animation.  She has many character voices and was a semifinalist in a character contest at Set on a Hill animation studio where she has received private training as a reward. She recently narrated an audiobook by Roald Dahl for Learning Ally, a nonprofit for dyslexic children. She was also the voice of a senior citizen in a video game called Care.

Susie is the voice of a tourist in episode four 

comedy Voice Actors
Neil Geddes Ward

Neil Geddes-Ward

Bio? Hmm. Not an actor really. I can say Radio host, and artist, working in broadcasting in a nutshell. Paranormal author too. (Not forgetting Wurzel Gummidge impersonator!)

Neil is the voice of Charlie in episodes 4 and 5

Comedy Voice Actors
Sammy Swan

Sammy Swan – bio to follow

Sammy is the voice of Prison Warden Sam,  in episode 3

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