lizzie snoopes - the grand adventure

Evolution of Lizzie Snoopes

Lizzie Snoopes stands for us all, she is the person in the high street helping an old man or woman across the road; she is that co-worker who helps you to settle in your job, offering hints and tips on how to handle the cantankerous boss; she is the mother patiently waiting for her toddler to stop screeching, and settle down; she is the lollipop lady, steadfast at her post, day after day shepherding the young to safety; she is the delivery guy bringing your parcel in the cold and rain; she is the pilot landing you safely in a storm, she is the firefighter rushing into a burning building to save your life. There are many Lizzies, just as there are so many expressions of heroism, in so many lives.

The mantle of darkness, so beautiful and serene, cohabits with the light, and the lamp of Lizzie shines brightly on the winding, rain-slicked roads.

We invite you to join Lizzie and Millie on their zany quest, accompany them on their outlandish adventures, beginning with the pandemic and on into even more dangerous realms. Follow our illustrious pair from Toddlington-on-Thames and journey through that hoary landscape – you know the one – filled with our collective nightmares. Will they make it through to the other side? You decide!

Our story is part fairytale, part sci-fi, part, part-pantomime – a grand adventure of two suburban ladies as they battle a false arrest and ultimately leave their mark on history! With humorous sound effects, captivating plot twists, and audio slapstick comedy – this is an imaginative fantasy created through voice actors and writer / producers in collaboration – Copyright Purcell Press –

Lizzie Snoopes – The Grand Adventure

If you like villains, tricksters, hucksters and heroes, and a touch of “carry on and camp” then you’re in the right place! Lizzie Snoopes is a pilot pantomime-farce, with a touch of slapstickle along the way! It’s nutty, goofy, off-the-wall-zany, and our audience is growing!

Join the grand adventure of two extraordinary suburban women as they battle a false arrest and ultimately leave their mark on history! With humorous sound effects, captivating plot twists, and side-splitting audio slapstick comedy – this is an imaginative fantasy that’s sure to delight.

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What people are saying

What a cast of voices! Lizzie Snoopes is great fun, a blast.

Paul Gallagher – Programme Director / MA Screenwriting School of Arts, London University, Director of Twelve Chair Films

What a fun podcast! Quirky, surreal and absurd. A stellar cast provides expert comic timing. It’s sharp and witty, and every episode seems to break into new ground with the story transporting you to somewhere completely different. A must-listen – uplifting, highly recommended!

Shak Cohen, Recording Artist and Musician, Blue Svengalis

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