A Superhero Is Made Not Born

Lizzie in Lockdown 20


Lockdown 20. Lizzie is living in a small apartment, working as an accountant for the town’s grocery store. She had been trying to save up enough money so that she could get out of this place and into something more spacious. She wants nice furniture – but it seems like everything is going against her these days!

In fact, just two months ago when Len passed away after being diagnosed with cancer – three years earlier than expected by his doctors – during one such bout of depression following Covid lockdown 2020–Lizzie found herself struggling financially.

Worse, and even further, there weren’t any jobs available within driving distance anymore; which meant having only transition to internet-based work, which was thin on the ground too.

And now with the new year just beginning, she’s fallen behind on her goals. What Lizzie really needs right now is a financial windfall, or at least some extra money to help her get back on track. She’s been looking for creative ways to make some extra cash.

In dire straits after the economic meltdown of 20 and following the death of her beloved Len, Lizzie now lives a lifestyle that is far below her expectations, but still above her means.  Lizzie is a lonely soul. 

Her son resides in distant Australia, her parents are deceased and the only other family she has is an orphaned godchild, Megan, a Downs Syndrome baby, and now a feisty 12 year old living in a care home in Hackney.


Suffice to say that Millie is the life of the party, even during a global pandemic. Divorced, and fit, she’s always up for a good time, and she loves to drink and party and make mischief, in a delightful way of course. Millie is also very outspoken and she isn’t afraid to speak her mind during lockdown 20 days!

Even though London is in lockdown, Millie is still finding ways to have fun. She’s been throwing parties at her house and getting into trouble with the law..

Millie is a Londoner through and through. She’s been living in the city her whole life, and she loves it. Although things are tough at the moment, she knows that after lockdown 20, London will bounce back. Millie is a survivor, and she’ll do whatever to stay alive!

Lockdown 20

Ever since Millie crashed a birthday party at the social club in Toddlington-on-Thames – or ‘old ToT’ as it’s called by the local denizens – Lizzie and Millie have been besties.  The two women bonded over their love of Chardonnay, their mutual distrust of men, and their shared belief that the world is a big, bad place. Since then, they’ve been inseparable.

Lockdown 20

lockdown 20
lockdown 20

Lizzie awoke one day to a loud banging on her door. It was Millie, was in a terrible state, her hands shook, and Lizzie could see a bottle of brandy peeping out of Millie’s handbag.   

Millie said, “know what Lizzie, lockdown has made me antisocial. And that ain’t me, I’m a bubbly sort I am. But just you look at them headlines.”

Before lockdown, Millie had spent all her days in Mega Casino Land, slots shop, on the high street of Todd Lincoln, a disreputable village on the other side of the tracks.

Millie has settled down since moving to the posher suburb of ToT. Across the border there are plenty of churches, seventy-two pubs, a village green, cricket on Sundays, a massive cemetery, a smaller graveyard for the less well off, and a social club. Millie moved in with Lizzie until her house was sold.

The girls were were enjoying their suburban existence, denying their age and attending the social club downtown.

Luckily, Millie got accepted as a member by revealing her assets to the French barman, Jacques during a Mods and Rockers retrospective.

Now their lives are unravelling.

Millie was working as a keep fit trainer at the local adult education college in Todd Lincoln. Unwillingly,  she’s been forced to retire from work and is now on lockdown furlough. It made sense to live with Lizzie and share the bills.

When Millie became obsessed during lockdown with Covid News and all things Covid, together, the girls began reading the headlines and found out that there were strange things going on in the town, things to do with covid, rumors of mutations and interference with the D. N. A. structure following the Jabs.

The two friends decided to head to the Covid offices after a late night of research, hoping they can make a difference in their society.

Watch Lizzie and Millie as they infiltrate the TEN Corporation’s mutated vaccine that endangers young children around the world. In the action-packed tone of films like Mr. & Mrs. Smith and The Invisible, Lizzie and Millie is a story about two people who meet and decide to embark on a cyber journey in order to stop the CEO of Company TEN, Dr. Stellium Norial.

“I wrote this script as a love letter to all my friends in the indie/horror genre”, said Alice, writer, director and producer of Break Out. “This story script has gone through many incarnations with its development process, but now it’s finally time for me to set out and create this dream that I’ve always envisioned, even before I was born!”


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A Superhero Is Made Not Born

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