Who The Hell Is Lizzie?

Who the heck is Lizzie
Lizzie Snoopes

A Short Bio Of Lizzie Snoopes.

It was lockdown 2020. Alleycat was working in remote corner of the universe, Lizzie Snoopes emerged, springing out of her head like the Goddess Athena, a concepción inmaculada you might say.

She wore a blue wig and a pair of Dame Edna spectacles – not very trendy but a certain … je ne sais quoi!


Joanne joined the Lizzie factory. Together, they poured blood, sweat, and laughter into their crackpot creation, and in return, she saved sanity those dark, lockdown days.


Then along came Sarah Lockett, voice-extraordinaire, she got Lizzie’s nutty personality to perfection. A loony heroine was born – in Toddlington-on-Thames.


What About Millie?

Millie is Lizzie’s ‘support bubble’. One day she and Lizzie were nattering ten to the dozen – it was as though they hadn’t seen each other in centuries.

Right away they began discussing the important issues. Mssr. Trump, Covid, Lockdown, touching on the matters of the day, both sacred and profane – it is evident that Lizzie is something of an oracle. In those days, being glued to the world wide web, she came unstuck for awhile, but we soon patched her together again.

We present but a fraction of Lizzie Snoopes‘s ineffable wisdom – spreading the news through these pages and beyond. A tiny distillation of Lizzie’s divine grace is attainable via our Lizzie podcast, a series by which we have empowered our Lizzie to bestow her grace upon the world.

But enough of this philosophising –

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