The Severed Hand in the Mail

who killed Jane and John

Fookatap had received a severed hand in the mail. A significant find, yes, but how did it fit his theory?

the severed hand in the mail
Detective Fookatap gets a jiffy in the post

Ever since the day he  stumbled upon two journalists, both well-known, and lying next to each other, on bloodstained sheets, Detective Fookatap was convinced that the poor souls had been slaughtered in their bed. By aliens!


Who Killed Jane and John?

who killed Jane and John

It was not easy finding out who killed Jane and John, and for Euwill Fookatap, it was about to get even tougher!

Jane and John were husband and wife – both worked for a primo magazine in London. They wrote  articles lampooning people at the top. One day they were found slaughtered in their bed. Detective Fukatap investigates!

Detective fiction for kids



who murdered jane and john
The grey alien’s ride


Inspired by the theatre of the mind

And the dimensions of space