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Podcast Awards The People's Choice
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Podcast awards, The People’s Choice  is a prestigious event set up to reward great podcasts

Podcast Awards The People’s Choice  were founded in 2005, by Todd Cochrane who started the long running and highly acclaimed awards – a platform to honour the up and coming online broadcasting talent. In this article find out about who can take part in the awards and what it takes to win!

What are the  Podcast Awards People’s choice?

The People’s Choice Podcast Awards  are given out annually. The prizes are determined by a public vote, and anyone can nominate their favorite online entertainment. There are no entry fees or judges, which makes for a very attractive proposition!

The categories for the judges include Best Comedy, Best Interview, Best Fiction, and many others. In addition to the main categories, there are also Special Achievement categories that are given out to honor outstanding achievement in podcasting.

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Podcast Awards are a great way to discover new shows and to support your favorites. If you love listening to interesting and engaging content online, be sure to check out the awards and nominate your favorites!

You get to meet your loved show hosts when you attend the event! For more details see the event’s linked website (see “details” section below). Tickets go fast, and are often only available in some areas of Europe. For fans who cannot make it to the live shows, each one will be recorded and made available on iTunes an hour after broadcast.

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The Difference between PPCA and other Award Shows

The People’s Choice Podcast Awards (PPCA)  show goal is to recognize podcasts that are popular with listeners. Unlike other award shows, PPCA does not give out awards based on criteria set by a panel of experts. Instead, the winners are determined by listener votes. This makes PPCA unique among these types of events.

Podcasts Awards The People’s Choice shows that are eligible for the PPCA must be at least two years old and have at least ten episodes. Listeners can vote for their favorite recordings in a variety of categories, such as comedy, news, and sports. Those broadcasts with the most votes in each category are awarded the People’s Choice Podcast Award.

The PPCA is a great way to discover new podcasts that you may find you enjoy listening to, or that are as yet, under-promoted – the hidden gems so to speak. Because the award show is based on listener votes, you can be sure that the winners are popular with people just like you. If you’re looking for something new to listen to, or a niche show that is hard to find elsewhere, be sure to check out the  Podcast Awards The People’s Choice.

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Why Should I Submit My show in the PPCA?

There are many benefits to submitting your podcast to the People’s Choice Podcast Awards (PPCA). First, it is a great way to get your show seen by a wider audience. The PPCA website gets a lot of traffic, and submitting your podcast will help it get more exposure.

Second, the PPCA is an opportunity to win a prestigious trophy. This can help you attract new listeners and supporters. Winning an award can also be a great boost to your ego and confidence!

Third, the PPCA can help you build connections with other podcasters. This is a great way to network and learn from others in the industry.

Overall, the PPCA is a great opportunity for any podcaster looking to gain more exposure and connect with others in the industry. If you have a podcast that you’re proud of, be sure to submit it today!
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How Much Does it Cost to Submit my Podcast in the PPCA?

It doesn’t cost anything to submit your podcast for the PPCA. All you need to do is fill out a short form on their website. Once you’ve done that, your podcast will be considered for all of the awards categories.

podcast awards people’s choice 2022

The People’s Choice Podcast Awards were founded in order to recognize and reward the best shows in various categories.

The People’s Choice Podcast Awards are a great way to find new and interesting material to listen to.

If you are a fan of podcasts, be sure to check out the  Podcast Awards The People’s Choice and nominate your favorite podcasts!

The People’s Choice Podcast Awards are a great way to recognize the best recordings in a variety of different categories.

The Awards are voted on by the public, and there are hundreds of different shows that are nominated each year.

The Awards are a great way to find new entertainment, shows to listen to, and they also provide recognition for the hard work that goes into making a successful recording.

podcast awards people’s choice 2022

If you’re interested in learning more about the People’s Choice Podcast Awards, or if you want to vote for your favorite shows, you can visit the Awards website at www.podcastawards.com.

What Are The Benefits of Listening to a Comedy Podcast?

So, a comedy podcast is a form of audio entertainment that typically features sketches, jokes, and humorous storytelling. Comedy podcasts are often hosted by comedians or celebrities, and can be either scripted or improvised. While many comedy podcasts are lighthearted and aim to entertain, some also tackle more serious topics with a comedic bent. Whether you’re looking for a laugh or want to be informed and entertained, make yourself a cuppa and spend a few moments with Lizzie Snoopes comedy podcast pilot.

Some notable comedy podcasts include “WTF with Marc Maron”, “The Joe Rogan Experience”, “The Nerdist”, and “Comedy Bang! Bang!”. These shows feature a variety of guests, ranging from fellow comedians to actors, musicians, and other public figures. The hosts and guests discuss everything from current events to pop culture, with plenty of laughs along the way.

Whether you’re stuck in traffic or taking a break at work, listening to a comedy podcast is a great way to pass the time. So why not give Lizzie Snoopes a try? You might just find yourself hooked.

The Benefits Behind Listening to a Comedy Podcast

We all know that laughter is the best medicine. It can improve our moods, help us relieve stress, and even boost our immune system. But did you know that listening to a comedy podcast can also have some serious benefits?

For starters, comedy podcasts are a great way to get some mental stimulation. They can help keep your mind sharp and prevent cognitive decline. In fact, one study found that older adults who listened to a comedy podcast showed improved memory and attention span.

Listening to a comedy podcast can also be a great way to relax and unwind after a long day. Studies have shown that laughter can help reduce stress and promote relaxation. So if you’re feeling stressed out, try popping in your headphones and listening to your favorite comedy podcast. You just might find that it helps you relax and de-stress.

Finally, laughter is known to boost immunity. So if you’re looking for a way to naturally boost your immune system, listening to a comedy podcast is a great option. The next time you’re feeling under the weather, try queuing up your favorite funny podcast and see if it helps you feel better.

Listening to comedy podcast statistics:

Apple podcasts does not release listener numbers for specific podcasts. However, they do release overall listener statistics. In 2019, there were 550 million unique listeners to Apple Podcasts. It’s safe to say that a good portion of those listeners tune in to comedy podcasts. Comedy is one of the most popular genres on Apple Podcasts, with shows like The Daily Show, Saturday Night Live, and 2 Dope Queens ranking high on the charts.

What about Spotify? There is no definitive answer to this question, as Spotify does not release detailed listener data for individual podcasts. However, we can look at some indirect evidence to get an idea of how popular comedy podcasts are on the platform. For example, the podcast “My Favorite Murder” is one of the most popular podcasts on Spotify, with over 400 million total streams. It is also worth noting that many of the top 10 most popular podcasts on Spotify are comedy shows. This indicates that there is a significant audience for comedy podcasts on the platform.

Google Podcasts: According to a recent study, about 21% of people listen to comedy podcasts on Google Podcasts.  The most popular comedy podcasts include “The Joe Rogan Experience,” “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah,” and “The Bill Burr Podcast.”

This means there are over 2.6 million people listening to comedy podcasts on Google Podcasts. This number has been growing steadily over the past few years, as more and more people are discovering the joys of listening to comedy podcasts. What’s great about listening to comedy podcasts is that they’re usually relatively short, so you can easily listen to them while commuting or doing other activities. If you’re looking for a way to brighten up your day, make sure to check out some of the best comedy podcasts on Google Podcasts.