Writer, Producer and General Pot Washer - Alice Frances

Writer, Pot Washer – Alice Frances

Alice Frances is the culprit behind the Lizzie Snoopes Comedy Podcast. Series writer, director, producer and general pot washer for the podcast series! Alice lends her voice to the characters of Julie Adams, (she/her of People Services), and the River Police in Season 2.

I love good comedy, and grew up on a diet of good 70s British comedy classics. As a kid I adored the Carry On actors, also loved those campy comedians like Frankie Howard, Babs Windsor, Kenny Everett, Stanley Baxter, Dick Emery, Kenneth Williams, Hattie Jacques, Joan Sims and so many more. I guess all those great actors are stored somewhere in the back of my mind, gone but never forgotten. In Ireland we had some hilarious comedians too, for instance Frank Kelly, and his campy nuns. I loved the never-ending pastiche’s of snobby Catholic housewives and stultifying religious orderlies.

It’s so much fun doing the Lizzie show, which started out as a bit of lark during lockdown, and grew into this! Total madness!





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