A Superhero Is Made Not Born

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A Superhero Is Made Not Born


Lizzie Snoopes – The Grand Adventure

Lizzie Snoopes Team
Lizzie Snoopes – Driving Force

If you like villains, tricksters, hucksters and heroes, and a touch of “carry on and camp,” you’re in the right place! Lizzie Snoopes is a pilot pantomime farce with a touch of slapstickle along the way! It’s nutty, goofy, off-the-wall-zany, and our audience is growing!

Join the grand adventure of two extraordinary suburban women battling a false arrest and ultimately leaving their mark on history! With humorous sound effects, captivating plot twists, and side-splitting audio slapstick comedy, this imaginative fantasy will surely delight you.

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What people are saying

What a cast of voices! Lizzie Snoopes is great fun, a blast.

Paul Gallagher – Programme Director / MA Screenwriting School of Arts, London University, Director of Twelve Chair Films

What a fun podcast! Quirky, surreal and absurd. A stellar cast provides expert comic timing. It’s sharp and witty, and every episode seems to break into new ground with the story transporting you to somewhere completely different. A must-listen – uplifting, highly recommended!

Shak Cohen, Recording Artist and Musician, Blue Svengalis

A Superhero Is Made Not Born

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