Listen to the Insane Story of Superhero Lizzie Snoopes

What is this insane story all about!?

Lizzie Snoopes is a humorous podcast about the lighter side of the darker side of life. Add a sprig of garlic sauce in butter and et voila!  A concoction is made! Words fail me!

Lizzie and her entourage will delight your earlobes as you listen in to the regular little 5-minute recordings! Not enough ? There’s more.

 So, here’s the thing …

Lizzie Snoopes is on a quest to find the meaning of life in suburbia, and hopefully have some laughs along the way.

When life takes an insane and deadly twist, (involving mice), Lizzie and her bestie Millie are forced to find their inner superhero. To survive – they must unleash the giant that dwells within, lure it with a cuppa tea, and a bikkie (from Marks). 

Go on. Take  a stroll in cosy suburbia, explore leafy Toddlington-On-Thames. Join the queue in M&S. Sojourn awhile, and feel the lockdown  – then hop on a 333281256 bus and travel to the outer zones, with Lizzie and Millie in tow.

After that:

Delve into an action-packed adventure!

And now – a commercial

Insane story of Lizzie Snoopes
Uncle Sam


Calling all you loonies and goonies, get off yer butts and go IMMEDIATELY to Lizzie’s group page on Facebook – sign up for an all-singin’, all-dancin’ shiny comedy podcast.

You a comedy voice actor?


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